How To Join SVRP India and Main – Subversion Roleplay About Full Details

Aaj ke aap sabhi ko mein SVRP – Subversion Roleplay India ke bare me batane wala hu ke kis tarha se yaha server kam karta hai aur kaha kaha kis prakar se aap is server ko join kar paoge ab baki log confuse ho gye hai ke mein kis bare me bat kar rha hu to jante hai ke hum kis bare me bat kar rhe hai.

Yah ek GTA V ka ek server hai jisme players khel sakte hai apne ek role ko leke matlab ke aap GTA V ke andar ek apna khud ka character bana ke khel paoge lekin sabhi server ke apne rules hote hai aur aapko Roleplay (RP) karte ana chahiye nhi to aap nhi khel paoge..


Agar dekha jaye to yah server indian me bohat khela ja rha hai to mera farj banta hai ke iske bare me aap sabhi ko information dena agar apko join karna ho to niche sare steps bataye gaye hai rules, information’s, guidelines, Commands bhi.

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How to Join SVRP India GTA V Server

Kyu ki aap sabhi ko ek form submit karna padta kisi bhi Whitelist RP Server ko join karne ke liye aur aapko waha se approval tab hi milega jab apko sare sahi jawab pata ho aur apko Roleplay karne ka experince bhi ho nhi aap khel nhi paoge.

Dont do this in GTA V Subversion Roleplay India Server

Warning : Agar aap kisi ko khelte hue join karna chahte ho ki usse bat ho jaye to aap na hi join kare to behtar hai kyu ki waha apko apne role ke hisab se hi chalna padega na ki kisi streamer ko milne ke liye.


How to join SVRP - Subversion Roleplay Server

SVRP – Subversion Roleplay India Rules


[1] You must be 18+

[2] Racial Slurs, Derogatory Statements or Homophobic Terms towards others



[3] Toxicity – Being toxic on stream, twitch chat, discord, or in peoples DMs is not tolerated

[4] Breaking Character – Always stay in character. If there is a problem, role-play out the scenario and report it on the forum

  • This includes “Get that person’s ID” “I will submit a ticket” “I am going to speak with an adult” “That is so powerful”
  • Approaching staff/admin in-game to deal with issues

[5] Metagaming – Using information that you did not obtain in character to influence your characters’ actions. For example:


  • Knowing the location of someone’s stash house from Twitch stream and purposefully going there with your character
  • Knowing from your friend on discord that you need a specific item for a job then going around asking for it
  • Sitting in someone’s twitch chat while RPing
  • Having an outside discord or group chat for your IC group, business, gang, etc. Please contact an admin or senior staff to get set up in the business discord

[6] Powergaming – Role-playing outside of your character traits, abusing mechanics, and using means not in-game to gain an advantage. For example:

  • Creating role-play where there is only one outcome
  • Modding your game client in a way that gives you an advantage over others is not allowed (cross-hairs, etc)
  • Not RPing your injuries like sprinting or fighting as soon as you leave the hospital
  • Jumping around to gain speed in a situation
  • Using a taser to pop tires
  • Roleplaying unrealistic superpowers to gain advantage
  • Talking or Organizing while downed. Role-playing your injuries is fine
  • Using a phone or radio while downed or handcuffed
    • Using the automated handcuff break mechanic to influence the current scenario
  • Not relaying accurate information using /me. For Example:
    • If a medic does /me checks over your body, you have to reply /me has multiple gunshot wounds if you were shot
  • Tazing, beanbag shotgun or tackling to stun a player then shooting them or beating them while on the ground before they can get back up and do anything.
    • Exception to the rule: Trying to start a prison riot.

[7] Combat Logging – Logging out during an active situation to avoid role-play

[8] RDM – Killing people without a story leading up to it

  • Always initiate and make people aware of what you are doing and why
  • Based on the story leading up to a war between different groups, they wouldn’t always need to initiate before shooting
  • Killing someone while they are AFK is RDM.

[9] VDM – Never kill anyone on purpose using a vehicle as a weapon.

[10] New Life Rule – If you are downed and respawn at the hospital, your character forgets all events leading up to you being downed in the current scenario

  • You may not respawn if you have been advised that police or EMS is on the way to your scene
  • You may not respawn if you are in an active situation
  • The only time you should be calling EMS/police while downed is when your 100% alone and your injuries were not inflicted by someone else. Example: /911 *LOCAL CALL* There is an unconscious man on the side of Great Ocean Highway

[11] 4-man rule – Criminal activities are limited to 4 players max at a time. People who act as a spotter on the radio or anyone providing communication count as part of your group.

  • You can not bring back an active situation to your turf where you might find your friends/gang of 15 members waiting there
  • When a group of 4 engages on a group of 4+, you are knowingly engaging a bigger group and they do NOT have to drop numbers to defend themselves.

[12] Prohibited Role-play

  • Pregnancy RP – NOT ALLOWED AT ALL
  • Erotic RP – scenarios are not to take place in public. Only use private interiors! Be mindful of Twitch’s TOS.
  • Torture RP – Allowed if all parties agree to it
  • Animal RP – Staff only unless approved by staff/admin

SVRP – Subversion Roleplay Server Guidelines


Low Effort Role-play – You are expected to put effort into your role-play.

  • Always shooting, running from police in situations where it isn’t called for may be considered low-effort RP. For example: Running from a traffic stop where you would only be getting a speeding ticket
  • Cop baiting is not allowed. Do NOT intentionally try to get pulled over or chased
  • Using NPCs, like the shop clerk as a hostage is considered low effort. Find a hostage and provide that interaction for others.
  • You may not run up and vulture pockets of anyone who is on the ground as part of a scenario you are not involved in. Please respect others Role-play
  • Please respect others Role-play in general

Fail RP – Not role-playing realistically

  • Not fearing for your life when threatened by a weapon
  • Taking unrealistic ramps in a vehicle
  • Jumping off a three-story building and running away

Perma-death – Under no circumstance can you force someone to perma their character.

  • If your character is downed and you decide it’s time for permadeath, all you need to do is role-play the scenario out with EMS when they find you
  • You may use the /me command to give the EMS/Doctor characters the right indicators. Example: “/me has no pulse.” leading towards “/me has died due to their injuries.”
  • You cannot continue RPing on that character after you RP’d out a permadeath situation with them

Emergency Services

  • Being a corrupt LEO is not allowed.
  • Being a corrupt EMS is not allowed.
  • Once you are handcuffed and brought to Pillbox/MRPD the scenario is over.
  • You can’t take somebody hostage to trade them for the suspects at Pillbox/MRPD.
  • You can’t start a shootout at Pillbox/MRPD to break out suspects in custody. You have to understand and be mindful how these situations impact the entire city when Pillbox is under lockdown due to something like this.
  • You cannot break someone out of police custody.


  • Robbing every player you see does not benefit the role-play on the server. Robbing players should be well thought out and uncommon. It should not be part of your role-play that your character robs people cause he’s a scumbag
  • Chain robbing the jewelry store, convenience stores, and banks is not tolerated. Chain robbing is defined by continually hitting the same location over a period of time while not attempting to engage role-playing with law enforcement.
  • Tsunami warnings appear 30 minutes before they occur, a tsunami warning should signal a hold on Bank Robberies, Vangelico hits, and convenience stores. It is not permitted to hit these locations while a tsunami is approaching.
  • Robbing someone while they are AFK will result in a ban.

Criminal-LEO Interactions

  • You may kidnap LEOs given there is reasonable RP.
  • You may not kidnap an LEO who is already actively RPing in a scenario you are not involved in.
  • You may not rob a cop without a valid reason; they are not loot-cows or your personal armory. For example:
    • If cops are downed in a shootout after a robbery gone wrong and you ran out of bandages, ammo, armor, etc. You may take what you need to continue this scenario
    • You may not hold up cop at gunpoint to take their equipment
  • You are expected to be mindful of LEO presence. If you are aware that the active LEO presence is lacking, you should not take advantage of the fact.
    • Example: If you did two store robberies and no police have turned up, don’t do the next one. Wait an hour before attempting to do another one
  • Prison breaks are not allowed.
    • Breaking people out of prison transport.
    • Causing prison riot with intent to break out.
    • Kidnapping DOC or LEO to open doors for you.
    • Taking “keys” from DOC or LEO to open doors for you.


  • Fake Hostages using your friends as a hostage for a robbery is not allowed.
  • Kidnapping someone who is AFK is not allowed.
  • Recording – Players may take pictures with their phones using the emote. They may record using a camera. The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass etc.)
  • You may only have 1 southside gang character. Any other character can not be part of the same agenda.
  • You must keep a tuner chip on you if you tune your car.
  • Shotguns are not to be used until further notice. HEAVILY ENFORCED
  • Stealing aircraft (planes or helicopters) is prohibited.

Please note these rules and guidelines are subject to change. It is your responsibility to stay up to date.

How to report players in SVRP

When reporting a player always remain professional. Staff will review if the ticket has ground then add the accused person into it. They will then get one post to defend their actions. Following that, the ticket is placed into review by member of staff. There will not be any back and forth between the parties. One post each.

Tips on what to include in a ticket:

1. Open up New Ticket.
2. Get as much information as possible on the person.

  • Hit your Y muscle and get their player ID (above their head) Example
  • Scroll through the Y muscle menu and select their player ID to get their steam ID, take a screenshot Example
  • Provide an exact time when the incident has happened
  • Provide their IG name, if known
  • Provide their discord name, if known
  • If you think someone combat logged, take a screenshot of the recent disconnect in the Y menu

3. Provide video evidence

  • Do not submit a clip of a twitch stream as these are often deleted by the owner of the channel before we can review it.
  • Provide a timestamp to the twitch VOD
  • If you want to be extra careful, you can upload the video onto your own streamable or youtube to ensure it isn’t deleted

4. Give Context

  • We thoroughly investigate all reports so we need the context of the situation. A clip of someone killing you is not enough for a report. We need a couple of minutes before and, preferably, after to understand the situation
  • With that being said, be concise. You don’t have to write a novel to give us enough information. It’s better to write logically than emotionally

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whitelisting Questions

Q – How long until I am whitelisted?
A – It changes, you can check the estimate on the website. When you are approved or declined, you will receive an email as well as being tagged in the #whitelist-approval channel.

Q – Who can I DM about my application?
A – No one. You will have to be patient.

Q – I have been accepted but when I try to connect it says I am not whitelisted. What should I do?
A – It can take up to 72 hours to be whitelisted. Make sure you provided support team with your correct steam hex 64 ID

Q – Why does it say I’m not whitelisted when I try to join?
A – It can take up to 72 hours after your application got approved, for your steam hex id to be manually added by admins.

Q – Where can I apply as a non-donator?
A –

Q – How do I apply as a donator?
A – You may donate to the server by upgrading your forum account 
After donating, please apply in the donator civilian application 

Q – I have accidentally submitted my application. What should I do?
A – Please finish off the rest of the questions in a comment below your application.

Forum Questions

Please make sure you have your discord connected to the forum. If you don’t have a “Registered Member” tag on discord please disconnect and reconnect your account. To find out how just do !discord in #forum-support

Q – I have donated, but I have already submitted a non-donator application, what can I do?
A – Link your forum profile URL in #forum-support so a staff member can move your application to the donator section.

Q – I am whitelisted but I don’t have correct roles on the forum. What should I do?
A – Please disconnect and reconnect your discord account on the website. Do !discord in #forum-support on discord to find out how.

Q – I can’t submit a ticket on the website. What should I do?
A – Please connect your Discord account to your forum account!

Q – How do I donate?
A – Head over to your forum account > Account Upgrades
Note: Make sure to get any “Whitelist” donation for a faster whitelist application review, if you want queue priority, buy Ticket 1 or Ticket 2

Troubleshooting Questions

Q – How can I rebind my Radio/Call button from “`”?
A – You would use either your Mouse or Keyboard to rebind it if you don’t have any specific software you can use a program like reWASD.

Q – How do I get rid of “Danny Face”?
A – There are a few ways.

  • Use “/m0” this takes a mask off and automatically tries to fix Danny face
  • Use “/refreshskin” If it persists as this completely restarts your skin and this should work
  • If all else fails and you have had danny for a long time, a relog can fix it as well

Q – When trying to connect to the server, it says I am not whitelisted even though I am, what can I do?
A – This can happen sometimes and it requires you to close FiveM and restart both Discord and Steam.

Quality of Life Questions

Q – Do I have an apartment somewhere?
A – Your GPS should show a white circle behind one of the free hotels in the city, assigned randomly when you load-in to the server. Here you will have a stash, a closet to save & change

Q – How do I use Twitter/take a selfie/change notification settings?
A – Use M to open your phone. If you’re using arrow control use right arrow to get to settings. (Right-click the text box if mouse control.) Make an account first with “New Account.” Once that is completed, to take a selfie, go to the camera option in Twitter, and press the up arrow to swap to the front-facing camera. Press enter. Other notifications will be accessible by pressing the right arrow (or right-click) in the main screen of that app.

Q – How do I start a business?
A – File a business plan at

Q – What kinds of peds are available to play?
A –

Technical Questions / Support

Q – How do I clear my cache?
A – Right click FiveM and go to ‘Open File Location’. Click ‘FiveM Application Data’. Click ‘Cache’. Delete all files EXCEPT the ‘Game’ folder. Open FiveM and Connect.

Q – Why does my hair keep changing colour? / Why do I have a default “Danny Face”?
A – Will generally sort itself out with 5-15 minutes with some combination of using the Z Menu to put on / take off a mask, use /refreshskin, and give your cache a courtesy clear before connecting to the server in the future and let the assets for the server load-in for a bit before selecting your character.

Q – Why does my vehicle keep disappearing?
A – A semi-common OneSync issue. Try and keep someone with your vehicle when you go inside a building or put it away in the meantime to be absolutely safe. If your garage lists the vehicle as UNKNOWN, then you’ll have to wait until the next server restart to reclaim it.

Q – Why do I keep seeing missing textures and locals/vehicles popping in and out?
A – Lower your Graphics and Textures settings to Low/Normal. Set your screen to Window Borderless mode (preferably). Zero out Ped Density. And keep your Distance Scaling to half or full. You can also lessen the burden on your machine by eliminating all background applications through the task manager, and setting the FiveM.exe priority to high in your processes.

Q – Why am I in the queue if the server isn’t full?
A – Immediately after a server restart, the server collects a large queue of connecting players before sorting their priority and loading in the first 85 player slots. Don’t freak out if you see yourself somewhere in the triple digits briefly upon connecting! There is a brief cooldown.

Q – I just crashed. Will I be able to get through the queue back into the game?
A – The server has a built-in crash queue that saves a spot for you briefly. But make sure you hop back in as quick as you can!

SVRP Server controls & commands

F1 – Adjusts the speaking volume. Whisper, Normal & Shouting
F2 – Opens your inventory/”Pockets” & pick up items from the ground.
F3 – Opens the glovebox if inside a vehicle
F3 – (Behind Vehicle) Open trunk
F5 – Drops person if you are carrying them
F7 – Opens invoices, if not here check the phone app “Bills”
F8 – Opens the FiveM Console
F10 – Opens the Emote menu
M – Opens the phone
P/ESC – Opens map/settings
Shift + X – Puts your hands up
Shift + G (Out of vehicle) – Tackles someone if you are running/jumping
Shift + G (In-vehicle) – Opens the vehicle menu
U – Locks/Unlocks Vehicle
H (In-vehicle) – Cycles through headlights
Tilde – Toggles cruise control
Caps Lock – Default for Radio

Y – Shows you the player ID list and people their ID above their head.
X – Cancels the current Emote | You can also use “/e c”
T – opens the SVRP chat. (This is where you put SVRP Commands)
Z – Opens the General menu/Criminal menu/Walking Styles/Face Expressions

General Commands

/ooc Sends a message in the OOC chat – Only to be used if you have an issue.
/911 [Message] – Calls the police with whatever message you have put.
/311 [Message] – Calls EMS with whatever message you have put.
/123 [Message] – Calls a mechanic with whatever message you have put.
/carry – Picks up the person closest to you.
/cash – Shows how much money you have
/givecash [ID] [ammount]
/removekey [ID] takes away keys from a car

Clothing Commands

/outfits – Lists all the outfits you have saved
/outfitadd [number] [name] – Adds the outfit you currently have to your wardrobe
/outfituse [number] – Puts on on the outfit
/outfitdel [number] – Removes the outfit from your wardrobe
To remove a Hat you can use “/h0” and to put it back on “/h1”
To remove a Mask it is “/m0” and to put it back on “/m1”
To remove Glasses use “/g0” and to put them back on “/g1”
To remove earrings use “/e0” and to put them back on “/e1”

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SVRP Server Direct Connect: – connect

SVRP Asia Website Link –

SVRP Main Website Link –

Once you’re whitelisted, you can download the launcher here:


• Regular Civilian Application

Donator Civilian Application

Staff Application

Department Applications

All the “ticket” ones are for FIVEM PRIO ONLY
If you wish to fill out a donator application, please purchase something from our “Application Whitelist”

SVRP – Subversion Roleplay India Videos


Conclusion – Aap sabhi ko sari jankariya de diya hu aur bhi adhik jankari ke liye SVRP – Subversion Roleplay Discord ya Official Website visit kar sakte ho apne aur bhi friends ke sath share kare jisse unhe bhi pata ho is server ke bare me aur is website me pubg se related bhi jankari bohat available hai.

For SVRP India Admins – If Any Problem Contact me: [email protected]