Google Core Algorithm Update January 2020 in English

Hello friends, welcome to all of you, today in your Mahakal Official website, I am writing this post in English so that you have got the Google Core Algorithm Update January 2020 which is updated in January, from which some people have to see the problems related to traffic. 

I am going to answer all your questions today. If you want to create a new blogger or website, then you should know about this Google Core Algorithm Update January 2020 or else you may have to face a lot of problems due to which your website does not rank at all, then you may face problems. So, without any time, let me tell you what and how Google Core Algorithm Update January 2020 works.
If you have any kind of problem, then how can you fix this problem.

Now let’s talk about what the update has been received in the update that has come in Google Core Update January 2020 dated 13/01/2020, before we know what is Google Core Algorithm Update January 2020 and how it will work.

What is Google Core Update in January 2020?

Google keeps bringing some updates to improve its search algorithm to make the user experience better. There are two types of updates 1. Major update 2. Minor update
1. Major Update – Google does not provide any official updates of these updates, because the reason for this is that there is no difference in the search results.
2. Minor Update – In this update, it updates officially because the reason that the search result from Core Update makes a big difference is that the whole website goes on ranking and some websites also get the problem. This update is related to Content & Authority
Now after this update, what is happening is that some websites that are looking at the improvement and some websites are showing value work.

Why is this happening? 

These rank works are being done in those websites in which the content has not been updated for a long time and the content is not up to date.
So overall, this Google Core Algorithm Update, which was received in January 2020, is related to the Content Authority.
If your ranking is down after this update, first of all, don’t worry, Google updates its Search Algorithm, then it may take 4 to 7 days for it to roll out completely so that you don’t update any time soon Your website ranking should be stable, but you have to wait till it is confirmed so that it can be known that the same update has happened.

What to do if there is such a problem?

1. First of all you do your Depth Content Analysis that the content of your website should be up to date.
2. Fix Internal Linking – Check all your internal links, if you are right or not, fix any wrong.
3. Outbound Link Anchor – You have to pay attention that now uses only the keywords related to the brand and niche, you can confirm whatever content you post and update it well then you definitely give this authority link.